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RMS Features
Open Architecture
Multiple Levels Of Security
State Reporting Compliant
Modular Design
Interfaces Available
Enhanced Booking
Record Sealing & Expungement
Online Case Approval
Image Attachment

RMS Functionality
RMS Primary Functionality
Master Indices
Primary Modules
Additional Modules

Publisafe Records Management System (RMS) provides an automated, comprehensive method of record keeping for law enforcement agencies. RMS is a 32-bit, Windows based system that offers the latest in technologies and interface capabilities, including an interface by design to our Publisafe CAD product. It is designed to use relational databases in conjunction with a SQL server, which offers improved speed and security over other records management systems.

Publisafe offers an RMS base package as well as optional modules. This allows users the option to purchase just what they need. Information is shared between modules if more than one Publisafe RMS module is purchased. While the basic purpose of each RMS module is unique, there are many features and functionalities that are common from one module to another and operate in the same manner in each of the modules.

RMS Features
Open Client Server Architecture
RMS can utilize Windows NT or 2000 operating systems and either Microsoft SQL 7.0 or 2000 database systems. Application provided in open architecture for easier interfacing.

Multiple Levels Of Security
System administrators are able to set security throughout the system at the Module, Folder, Record, or Field levels, providing ultimate confidentiality of sensitive information.

State Reporting Compliant
Users are able to produce State and Federally required NIBRS or UCR compliant reports quickly based upon specific State release. Validation for reporting provided at record and Case levels. The system can provide both UCR and NIBRS reporting capabilities to assist agencies that are planning to transition to Incident Based Reporting.

Modular Design with Master Indices
Built in data sharing and searching is available between modules, such as: Citation, Warrant, Towing, Field Interview, Evidence, Traffic Collision, Gun Permits, Parking Tickets, and more. Track criminal contacts through Master Indices that provide central repositories for criminal history, vehicle ownership, property, and address history of records entered throughout the modules.

Interfaces Available
Powerful interfaces to Computer Aided Dispatch, Field Reporting, Document Imaging, Fingerprinting, Court Records Management, and Crime Analysis applications available to capture critical reporting information. Reduces redundant data entry and brings critical information together from primary sources. A universal import utility is used to interface existing systems' data with RMS.

Enhanced Booking With Mug Shots and Photo Line Ups
Capture prisoner intake information including personal property, medical conditions, and answers to custom medical screening questionnaire. Create online mug shot photo lineups that match suspect characteristics for identification by victims and witnesses.

Record Sealing and Expungement
Comply with Court ordered sealings and expungements by utilizing RMS multi functional and secure Expungement capability.

Online Case Approval
Supervisors can review and approve cases entered, using online approval process that can employ automatic email notifications for cases pending approval. Maintain data integrity through proper review of data entry.

Image Attachment
Attach images or documents throughout all modules of RMS. Any OLE compliant attachment may be added.

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