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RMS Features
Open Architecture
Multiple Levels Of Security
State Reporting Compliant
Modular Design
Interfaces Available
Enhanced Booking
Record Sealing & Expungement
Online Case Approval
Image Attachment

RMS Functionality
RMS Primary Functionality
Master Indices
Primary Modules
Additional Modules

Additional Modules

The Towing module provides capture of data for impounds, vehicle seizures, private impounds etc., reasons for towing, storage facilities and contacts, vehicle owner information, and release processing. The User may define impound notification letters within the module.

Data collected includes: Property description, categories, brand name, makes and models, serial numbers, dates and times of processing and release, case numbers, tag numbers, storage locations, person storing property, unlimited narrative, and chain of custody tracking.

Property and evidence entered into the Evidence module are automatically checked against Master Property records to determine if property has been reported as stolen or lost.

Gun Permits
This module provides tracking capabilities for ownership and registration information of firearms in the local community. References, type of permit issued and reasons for permit approvals and denials can all be readily accessed from this module.

Bike Registration
Bicycle registrations, thefts, and recoveries may be tracked and queried in this module. Unique 'bike tag' numbers can be assigned. Record registration fees and track owner information for retrieval and reporting purposes in this module.

Pawnbroker information and pawn tickets may be entered in this module for easy searching and reporting capabilities. Pawned property entered into the module is automatically compared to Master Property records to determine if property has been reported as stolen or lost.

The RMS Parking module allows the Agency to process the issuance and collection of parking citations. User created "Notice of Delinquent Parking Citations" can be created, saved, and generated. The Permits form provides a method for issuing and tracking parking permits to community members.

Civil Subpoenas
This module collects information about civil papers/subpoenas including subject of action data, court information, and service records.

Jail Management
The Jail Management module can be used for organizing and reporting jail and inmate records and statistics. Customize jail facility design using set up tools. Collect and report inmate records such as: property inventory, pharmacy, commissary transactions, visitor log, court dates, dispositions, sentences, and release dates. Customize intake medical and screening forms with user definable form tools. Integrated to collect and attach mug shot photos.

Equipment Maintenance
This module is available to assist with the coordination and scheduling of fleet and equipment maintenance. User configurable settings are available to flag users regarding meeting, scheduled services and maintenance demands.

This module provides for the administration of personnel information including equipment issuance, and training conducted and received. Records contained within this module are not shared with the Master Name index data.

The Intelligence module allows users to track confidential investigations and leads regarding internal affairs, narcotics activity, undercover operations, surveillance etc. All master indices data entered within this module is separate and confidential from any other module. Intelligence cases can be uploaded to RMS if desired.


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