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CAD Features
Open Client Server Architecture
Multiple Levels Of Security
Interfaces Available
Modules Available

CAD Functionality
Incident Entry
Enhanced 9-1-1
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
Canceling CAD Call Event
Copy Call
Case Numbers
CAD Supplemental Information
Holding Calls
All Calls Display Window
Unit Recommendation
All Units Window
User Definable Status Codes
Supporting the Fire Service
Emergency Medical Services
Pre-Arrival Instructions
Wrecker / Rotation Lists
State / NCIC Interface
Command Line
Historical Information
Graphic Mapping Display of CAD Historical Events
CAD Transfer to Records Management System
Mobile Data Interface
On-Line Help
CAD Administration
Network and Database
Project Management

Publisafe Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) provides a mature, dynamic tool for the processing of emergency calls for service and monitoring activities of emergency services personnel. CAD runs on MS Windows™ 2000 operating system and fully supports SQL 2000 database. To ensure efficiency and redundancy, Publisafe CAD runs in Microsoft clustered server environments as well as the Stratus® line of fault tolerant hardware platforms. These solutions ensure mission critical applications run at the availability rates of up to 99.999%.

Publisafe offers a CAD base package as well as optional modules and interfaces. This allows users the option to purchase just what they need. Publisafe CAD easily interfaces to NENA Standard E911 data streams for ANI / ALI display, Publisafe mapping, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), digital imaging, Emergency Medical Dispatch protocols, State/NCIC, Publisafe Records Management System, Aether, SCA and Tele-partner mobile switches, and Firehouse and SunPro Fire RMS software.

CAD Features
Open Client Server Architecture
CAD utilizes Windows NT or 2000 operating systems and Microsoft SQL 2000 database system. Application provided in open architecture for easier interfacing.

Multiple Levels Of Security
System administrators are able to set security throughout the system at the network, application & module levels, providing ultimate confidentiality of sensitive information.

Interfaces Available
Powerful interfaces to E911, Field Reporting, Imaging, Mapping, AVL, Silent Dispatch, State and NCIC, Alpha-numeric paging and Records Management applications are available to enhance critical dispatching processes.

Modules Available
CAD provides 'non-dispatch' personnel a window to CAD activity through CAD Monitor. Users can view current call and unit activity and send real-time communications messages to users throughout the system. CAD Query Tool allows users to build queries based upon their own set of rules and CAD Reports provides canned and Ad Hoc reports for a variety of CAD based informational reports.

CAD Functionality
Publisafe is well established in the design and delivery of public safety information systems and has the expertise to present viable solutions for your agency. The system will support multiple agencies allowing dispatch for multiple Police, Fire, Sheriff, and EMS departments. The system may also be run in a multi-jurisdictional, multi-site environment. It will provide a state of the art, fully integrated, interactive automated command and control system.

Publisafe CAD will satisfy existing demands of a modern Public Safety Answering Point and is capable of adapting to existing supplemental and future technological advances in the realm of information transmission and storage. It is fully ready to address the day-to-day requirements with appropriate capabilities as well as the ongoing operational and management needs of your agency. We have designed a system that will manage hundreds of thousands of dispatches each year. In a rapidly growing community where 911 calls increase each year, our product gives our customers the efficiency and functionality it needs today and tomorrow.

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