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CAD Features
Open Client Server Architecture
Multiple Levels Of Security
Interfaces Available
Modules Available

CAD Functionality
Incident Entry
Enhanced 9-1-1
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
Canceling CAD Call Event
Copy Call
Case Numbers
CAD Supplemental Information
Holding Calls
All Calls Display Window
Unit Recommendation
All Units Window
User Definable Status Codes
Supporting the Fire Service
Emergency Medical Services
Pre-Arrival Instructions
Wrecker / Rotation Lists
State / NCIC Interface
Command Line
Historical Information
Graphic Mapping Display of CAD Historical Events
CAD Transfer to Records Management System
Mobile Data Interface
On-Line Help
CAD Administration
Network and Database
Project Management

Historical Information
CAD historical information may be queried using two methods: edit historical and CAD Query Tool. Edit historical provides the dispatcher or call taker with a method to search any prior CAD call using a date range and any field on the window. CAD Query Tool (CQT) is site licensed and gives this access to any workstation on the network even if they are not a CAD workstation. CQT queries a replicated CAD database so it does not impact CAD production. CQT provides complex queries (Search Call Database) and query by example (QBE). Both methods provide the ability to search any field in the CAD call event. A complete history of the call is available including audit trail with operator ID and date and time stamp.

Another useful feature of CQT is the monitor functionality. CQT will display a list of active calls as well as a list of all units and their current status. This gives users the ability to monitor real time unit and call activity. Because CQT works against a replicated database none of this interferes with normal workstation operation.

Graphic Mapping Display of CAD Historical Events
Publisafe CAD is ODBC compliant and supports both CrimeView and FireView for displaying CAD call event information on the map. Ad Hoc reports can be created with Crystal Reports, or for simple reports, an internal ad hoc report writer is available. Note that CQT allows the user to save ad hoc Crystal reports into the application report drop down list. Users can modify CAD predefined reports to create new reports that can be saved. CAD is OLE compliant which allows the user to cut and paste information from report. CAD supports many communication center performance reports as well as resource utilization and deployment reports.

An audit trail for all events and status changes as well as administrative configuration changes is supported by Publisafe CAD system. The audit trail has a before and after value, operator ID, and a date and time stamp to the nearest second.

Publisafe CAD provides Front End Security that manages password security for call taker, dispatcher, and supervisory functions. This program allows the administrator to create a user with a first time password and assign feature and functionality access to the user. Profiles are supported. The administrator can easily disable a user for CAD access or a specific feature from this program. Users can change their passwords any time.

CAD Transfer to Records Management System
Publisafe will provide an interface from CAD to Publisafe RMS to transfer of incident information. This interface will support access to local warrants, master name index, master vehicle, and master property. Details about this information are available from within CAD.

Mobile Data Interface
Publisafe will provide an interface to Mobile utilizing our Message Switch Interface (MSI), a product that currently provides this functionality for Aether, Motorola and Telepartner switches. MSI supports silent dispatch, status change from the mobile, Officer initiated incidents from mobile, messaging, AVL in the communications center, hazard information in the mobile, and previous location history in the mobile. The CAD system also supports messaging to individuals.

On-Line Help
On-line help is available from anywhere in the system and provides step-by-step instructions along with screen examples. Help may be edited using help editing tools and searches can be performed utilizing standard Windows help search criteria.

CAD Administration
No down time is required to reconfigure CAD parameters, change security, insert and update a new map, repair to a workstation, or perform recommended preventive maintenance. Down time might be required for repair to a server depending on the problem. Down time is required to upgrade CAD software from one version to the next in order to get a complete backup of activity.

Network and Database
SQL 2000 (and SQL 7.0) supports commands to update, add, delete, display, and print all or selected database records or tables in the system. We provide a large, mature, robust database with sufficient tables to support CAD and management activities.

Publisafe provides end user training. We feel that a complex system requires experienced, knowledgeable trainers in order to ensure that the end user understands how to use the system efficiently and effectively. The following training is recommended as a minimum.

  • One CAD system administrator class for 40 hours attended by communications center manager and shift supervisors, the systems administrator, and the technical support person.
  • One CAD end user classes limited to 10 persons for 24 hours each attended by the communication center manager, shift supervisors, and dispatchers.
  • CAD Query Tool classes limited to 10 persons are 4 hours each should be attended by the communication center manager, shift supervisors, dispatchers, records clerks, and anyone else who will be searching CAD data.

    Project Management
    Publisafe will work with your agency's management team to develop an agreed upon project schedule including specific calendar dates for transfer of identified deliverables. We can prepare a sample project plan that includes all deliverables with a substantially complete and functional CAD system for your agency.


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