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CAD Features
Open Client Server Architecture
Multiple Levels Of Security
Interfaces Available
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CAD Functionality
Incident Entry
Enhanced 9-1-1
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
Canceling CAD Call Event
Copy Call
Case Numbers
CAD Supplemental Information
Holding Calls
All Calls Display Window
Unit Recommendation
All Units Window
User Definable Status Codes
Supporting the Fire Service
Emergency Medical Services
Pre-Arrival Instructions
Wrecker / Rotation Lists
State / NCIC Interface
Command Line
Historical Information
Graphic Mapping Display of CAD Historical Events
CAD Transfer to Records Management System
Mobile Data Interface
On-Line Help
CAD Administration
Network and Database
Project Management

Mapping has always been a critical tool for dispatchers for providing visual reference of caller and incident location, beat and district zones, and jurisdictional boundaries. Over the years paper maps have been replaced with automated, PC based mapping tools and applications. Publisafe CAD provides one of the fastest mapping engines in the industry. Fully integrated with Automatic Vehicle Location, Publisafe CAD will show location of GPS enabled units as well as the location for active calls for service.

Mapping is the map display engine used for the graphical display of the GIS data as required. MapEdit is the software required for editing the graphical display of the map data layers that are provided by the customer or the layers supplied by Publisafe. MapEdit is also utilized to import the map data file types to CAD for geo-validation.

The minimum map data layer required by the system to display the incident locations, units assigned to calls for service, and AVL is street centerline. Other layers also required for automatic unit recommendation are an IRA (Internal Response Areas) layer and, with multiple agencies, corresponding layers are required denoting the response boundaries of each agency.

MapEdit directly imports ESRI shapefiles (ArcInfo and ArcView) and MapInfo mif files. The direct import of these file types maintains the integrity of the original data files from either of the aforementioned formats. Mapping supports the display of as many layers required for the graphical mapping display needed by the public safety dispatch center. This includes but is not limited to, address points, buildings, building footprints, parcels, street centerlines, Police, Fire, and EMS response boundaries, and city limits.

Supporting the Fire Service
Publisafe CAD system has extensive functionality to support the fire service. CAD supports multiple agencies, each with its own department incident number. We provide multi-agency SunPro interface. We also support Firehouse records management system. Our CAD supports volunteer departments as well as paid departments and the recommendation logic required for each. Our recommendation logic can cross departmental boundaries and supports a mutual aid network.

Emergency Medical Services
The Publisafe CAD provides specific EMS commands and functions. The system will alert the dispatcher to move up situations and recommend the correct move up. CAD supports changing transport location and login reasons for late runs. Units may be entered into an emergency only status.

Pre-Arrival Instructions
CAD provides interfaces to ProQ&A and Lighthouse for pre-arrival instructions. We also provide dispatchers with complaint type instructions for on-line SOPs. We also support an interface Lighthouse by Powerphone. This HTML based software provides complaint type mapping from CAD and is easily configurable for law enforcement and fire as well as EMS.

Wrecker / Rotation Lists
Publisafe has multiple rotation lists. These lists are based on area and type of list and do provide a printable history log. This allows your agency to divide your jurisdiction into multiple areas for rotation lists as well as have lists for heavy duty and regular wreckers. You can also have a rotation list for services such as locksmiths.

State / NCIC Interface
When a license plate and state are entered on a CAD call event, such as a traffic stop or suspicious vehicle, CAD automatically sends the information to the state/NCIC database. The system also automatically displays previous contact history from CAD for the license plate. CAD also automatically queries person information as well as VIN and driver's license number.

Command Line
The Command Line supports all call taker and dispatcher activity including adding calls, changing unit status, updating calls, assigning call numbers, and clearing calls with dispositions. The Command Line can be configured to remain open for ease of access or automatically close at the end of each command.

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