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On-site Training
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Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) - Telecommunicator (User) Training

The purpose of this course is to prepare the emergency response center telecommunicator to support the implementation of the CAD system. The telecommunicator is the person who dispatches appropriate personnel to an incident based upon the nature of the incident and resource availability. Up to 10 telecommunicators can be trained per session.

Course Description
This instructor led course is designed to familiarize the telecommunicator with the use and the capabilities provided by the CAD system. The course is presented over 4 days, 8 hours per day. It is broken down in the following manner:

1-1/2 Days - Lecture/Overview
1-1/2 Days - Simulated Call Taking
1 Day - Call Taking (First Day of "Live" System)

The topics covered during the course include:
  • Screen Layout
  • Customizing Capabilities
  • Entering Calls
  • Accessing Status Information
  • Lookups of Pertinent Information
  • Accessing Adjunct Systems
  • Mapping product

Upon successful completion of this course, the telecommunicator will be able to:

  • Customize their home screen within response center guidelines.
  • Define the information presented in the home screen.
  • Navigate through the CAD application to access and change relevant information.
  • Access information available on adjunct systems through CAD interface capabilities.
  • Enter and update call information.

This is an instructor-led course that provides significant "hands-on" experience with the CAD system.

Equipment Required
The actual CAD system that has been purchased by the customer will be used during the training process. Up to 2 students will use each CAD position during training.

Basic personal computer and mouse skills, as well as an understanding of Microsoft Windows is required.


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